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    David Howard supported this idea  · 
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    David Howard commented  · 

    Hi thanks for responding. You are correct - I mean extend the function to both all the notepads of all the notepad types.

    As an example of use of such a facility to help illustrate my request; Current db has 180k constituents, and growing. Plethora of tiny notes held all over the shop (a lovely "feature" of RE) and I want to consolidate huge swathes of the information in those notepads into one of twelve notepads that will be associated at the constiuent level, each of a a different type (ie Biographical - Education, or Additional Titles or Honours and Awards) In effect turning several post-it notes stuck down the back of a filing cabinet into a crib sheet on the front of the file.

    Workaround is going to be extracting the current notes records together with newly created notes records (which will be of one of the 12 notepad types) into excel or access, and concatentating the old notes into the new ones, and reimporting. Put that together with leading 0's, the potential for control characters, 60/70k notes at a time and the god awful speed of RE and wham bam thank you mam, do you mind if I rather pay IOM to do it!

    Basically, a way of moving all the free text data that RE encourages users to leave all over the db.

    (Sorry for the confusing wording here - I notice that RE uses "Notepad Type" to refer to Constituent Notepads but the other records get a descriptor ie "Gift Notepad Type")

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