1. IOM should have the ability to import data to records defined with a query, instead of using the whole database.  ·  completed

  2. Select query category for output queries  ·  completed

  3. Allow custom SQL database queries in segmentation

  4. create static queries for new/updated gifts/constituents  ·  completed

  5. Have the option to create an individual query rather than constituent.

  6. ability to show name of source data file in the profile  ·  completed

  7. Allow LM export to return multiple rows for one record if that record has multiple relationships defined in the RE query.

  8. Dynamic dictionaries based on queries

  9. Create pre-merge queries of records selected as duplicates

  10. Remove possible duplicates based on a query.

  11. Customize CSV header/data row separators for Data File Export Connector

  12. Allow data to be removed from records  ·  completed

  13. Allow gift attributes data to be imported when importing new gift data via ImportOmatic

  14. We have observed that ​​Adding gift rule pop-ups do NOT appear when importing data with ImportOmatic (but they do with manual data entry).

  15. Merge RE:NXT data that is lost during RE merge functions.

  16. Update existing records with Default Set data, optionally  ·  completed

  17. Skip a record when using Omatic Data Service

  18. Have separate options for Proper Casing Name and Address data  ·  completed

  19. Append data into a the notes field of a pre existing Notepad record.

  20. Add checkbox to allow a profile to be locked in order to prevent other users from making changes to existing profiles  ·  completed

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