1. Retrace should track changes to IOM profiles

  2. Export Duplicates List

  3. Allow updating/changing the phone type

  4. if a new last name is found in a data file, there should be a setting to copy the former last name to Alias.

  5. Add duplicate score weighting to the Auto-Pick configuration  ·  completed

  6. Copy existing phone / email to new RE address record  ·  completed

  7. When skipping a row, allow user to input a note for the Exceptions file

  8. Luminate Connector / Group Sync - ability to see which records were added & removed

  9. Ability to edit dictionary when processing stops for user confirmation

  10. Add duplicate processing like the address processing

  11. soft credit different amounts to multiple soft credit recipients  ·  completed

  12. Ignore addresses that meet or exceed the similarity score  ·  completed

  13. Email and Phone fields in Duplicate Criteria sets

  14. Add ability to clean up/standardize addresses prior to importing i.e. running a CASS certification  ·  completed

  15. Offer option to only import "extra" address fields (info source, etc.) if completely new

  16. Allow manual search for records that error or exception out. Especially in the case of those returning with 502 "over 100 records match"

  17. Allow multiple participant registrations to the same event ID for the same constituent record  ·  completed

  18. Speed the entering of record and value types when creating profiles

  19. Expand how MergeOMatic can be used

  20. Default Sets for Relationships

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