How to search for specific constituents in AOM query results

Solution ID: 0224161004
Product: ActionOmatic
Published: 02/24/16
Description: This solution describes how to use an <ask> operator to search for specific constituents in ActionOmatic query results
Environment: All
Version: All

The Development team has advised that you can use an <ask> operator on whatever field you want to do the constituent look-up on. Take your existing query (with the filters that you want) and add another criteria for the field that you want to use for look-up purposes (last name, ID, email, etc) and set it to use the <ask> operator. When you load that query in ActionOmatic, it will prompt you (ask) for that value. If you want to return all results in that query, you can just pick the option for ‘is <any value>’.

If you want to jump to a specific record in the query results, you can pick the query again (which will refresh it) and then input whatever <ask> value you want. You can continue to select the query again and again to get to the records you want and/or to return to the full set of query results.

For more information on ActionOmatic check out the AOM User Guide.

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