How to Use Virtual Fields to Populate a Field Only When Data is Populated in the Source File Field

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Product: ImportOmatic
Published: 02/19/16
Description: This solution describes how to use a virtual field with a copy field function in order to populate values to a field based on a value being present in the source file
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Please review this Omatic Knowledgebase solution for information on how to use virtual fields

You will need to use a regular expression dictionary on the virtual columns to accomplish this process. One specific value can be assigned when data is present in the source column. When data is not present in the source column no value will be assigned. The specific value assigned must be the same for all incoming records that have a value populated in the source column.

Please review this Omatic Knowledgebase solution for steps on how to create a dictionary: 

The information that will live in the dictionary is as follows:

Dictionary Title: (Your choice)
Replacement Value: (Enter the Value that Will Be Assigned when the source field is populated)
Value To Match On: ^.+$
Regex Check box: Selected

In the IOM profile, on the virtual field column select and set the "Function" to "Copy Field". On the same virtual field, map the respective dictionary that was created above by its title. Continuing on the same virtual field, in the "Seed" column, select a value of the column letter from the field map where the source data lives.

The described steps will create functionality using a dictionary and virtual fields to populate the selected mapped field. This population will only take place when there is a value in the source column copied from the field map.

Please use the following link to locate the ImportOmatic User Guide 

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