How to Import an Organization Relationship and Update the Address on the Relationship Only

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Product: ImportOmatic
Published: 11/19/15
Description: How to import an organization relationship and update just the relationship address while maintaining the current address on the organization's record
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For more information on how to import an organization relationship and mark that organization's address as the preferred address for the individual, please see this Knowledgebase solution.

Example: Importing Joe Smith and Omatic Software. Joe works at an office that is in a different location from Omatic’s headquarters. You would like to update the address on Joe’s relationship to Omatic, but leave the headquarters address on Omatic’s record.

A two-pass import is required to import an individual with an organization relationship, and update the address on the individual’s record but not on the organization’s record.

In the first pass you’ll be importing the individual and matching to the organization’s record. In the second pass you’ll be updating the organization relationship address.

Setting up Pass 1

1. Map everything for the individual as normal.
2. For the organization, map everything except the address.

3. Under Relationships--> Organization select to search for possible duplicates, and either add as full or non-constituents, depending on your preference

4. Under Output--> Files select to output the Import ID for the Constituent and for the Organization Relationship (note: if you already have constituent IDs or Import IDs in your file you can skip this step)
This will create a file that will save in the location specified under Location for error/exception files. Columns will be added to the beginning of the file for the Import IDs. 
The output file will be named in this fashion: YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS_Updates.csv.

Setting up Pass 2

1. Highlight the profile and select to Copy
2. Add two new columns to the beginning of the profile. For more information on how to add columns to a profile, please see this Knowledgebase solution (note: if you already have constituent IDs or Import IDs in your file you can skip this step)
3. For this profile you’ll only map the constituent’s ID/import ID, the organization’s ID/import ID, and the organization’s address.

4. Under Relationships, select to Break link for existing organization relationships

5 Under Output-->Files, deselect to output import IDs as these are not needed after the second pass


1. Run the first pass as usual, matching to any existing organizations
2. For the second pass, use the YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS_Updates file
3. In the Advanced Address Processing screen, select to Update Selected

The relationship’s address has been updated while the organization’s address is maintained

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.

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