Is There a Query of Records That Were Merged

Solution ID: 456183
Product: MergeOmatic
Published: 11/11/14
Description: This solution discusses creating a query of records that were merged
Environment: All
Version: All


Output queries are created when records are merged. The queries can be accessed from links at the bottom left of the Duplicate Results and Merge Queue screens.

For additional information please refer to the MergeOmatic User Guide.


  1. How to Install MergeOmatic
  2. Where to Find the User Guide
  3. Error: A TwoWay or OneWayToSource Binding Cannot Work on the Read-Only Property "DatabaseCoverageInt'
  4. How to Configure MergeOmatic
  5. How to Search for Possible Duplicates
  6. How to Review Possible Duplicates
  7. What is Included on the Duplicate Results Screen
  8. How to Merge Records
  9. How Does MergeOmatic Handle Conflicts in Data That is Present on Both Records
  10. Does MergeOmatic work in Blackbaud Application Hosting?
  11. What Information is Merged
  12. How Does MergeOmatic Work with Records with a BBNC Link
  13. How Do You Designate the Survivor Score
  14. Can the Survivor Record be Changed
  15. How Does MergeOmatic Handle People with the Same Name and Address
  16. What is the Duplicate Criteria
  17. Why Would a Result Below the Score Threshold Display in the Results
  18. What Happens to the Record that isn't the Survivor
  19. Does MergeOmatic Match to Non-Constituents
  20. Is There Any Security Surrounding MergeOmatic
  21. How to Include or Exclude Certain Records from the Process
  22. When Searching Does MergeOmatic Consider All Addresses or Only the Preferred
  23. Which Versions of RE are MergeOmatic Compatible
  24. How Does MergeOmatic Handle Records That Should Not Be Duplicates
  25. Does MergeOmatic Only Search for Duplicates within the Query
  26. Is There A Limit to the Number of Duplicates That Can be Found
  27. Is There a Query of Records That Were Merged
  28. Does It Merge PaperSave Documents
  29. How are Spouse Soft Credits Merged
  30. How to Edit Records from the Duplicate Results Screen
  31. Can Records be Un-Merged if a Mistake was Made
  32. How to Change the Score on the Duplicates by User Chart
  33. Can You Export the List of Possible Duplicates
  34. Is There an Audit Trail of What Was Merged?
  35. If There is More Than One Duplicate, How Many Notepads will Be Created
  36. Can MergeOmatic Merge a Non-Constituent with a Full Constituent
  37. Does MergeOmatic Lock Up a Workstation or RE User License
  38. How to Run MergeOmatic Offline
  39. How to Uninstall MOM / MergeOmatic
  40. Error: Unable to cast object of type 'ImportOM.EmbeddedDLLs.MergeOmatic.ResourceHelper'

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