Error: An Exception Occurred in the Duplicate Search: Error 5.2: The EXECUTE Permission was Denied

Solution ID: 436207
Product: ImportOmatic
Published: 10/7/14
Updated: 04/26/16
Description: Error: An exception occurred in the Duplicate Search: Error 5.2: The EXECUTE permission was denied
Environment: All
Version: All

## The following items need to be done by the SQL Server Administrator.  It is independent of the RE logins/users. ##
Please check all of the following, and add anything that is missing. DO NOT turn off/revoke anything that is already granted! 
At the bottom of the page is a series of screenshots that show the default settings for REUSER in SQL Management Sudio.

1. Databases\RE7\Security\Users

-If REUSER exists, edit its permissions (in the properties); if it does not exist, add it. 
-Grant the following permissions: 
-REUSER = DBOwner or RE_ReadOnly
-Default Schema = REUSER 

If you have your SQL server set to only use Windows Authentication, then the permissions above must be set for each SQL user accessing the RE database, not just for REUSER. If you are not using Windows Authentication, or are or are using mixed mode, for your SQL server, then setting the permissions just for REUSER should suffice.

2. Security\Logins\REUSER\Properties\User Mapping
-Map RE7 to REUSER and REUSER 

3. If the above settings don't correct the error, then set up the custom connection in IOM

Database = RE7 DB Name 
Server = Server Name in the SQL Server instance 
Username = REUSER 
Password = REUSER SQL Password 

*Note: The SQL Administrator can set up another User and Password for this custom connection. It does not have to be REUSER, though that's the default one RE installs and uses.

**If you are choosing another User Name, that User will also need the DBOwner or RE_ReadOnly permissions, as above.

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