How to Filter the Query List

Solution ID: 291733
Product: QueryOmatic 
Published: 12/01/13
Description: This solution discusses how to filter the query list
Environment: All 
Versions: All 


Type - Select the type (constituent, action, gift, etc) to filter on from the drop down
Format - Select the format (static, dynamic) to filter on from the drop down
Show queries used by search - Select this option to display the queries used for search/lookup in The Raiser's Edge. This doesn't filter the list to only show search queries, but it gives to option to display them
Show only my queries - Select this option to show only those queries created by you
Show only queries used in Queue - Select this option to show only queries used by The Raiser's Edge Queue module

Note: Filters are not persistent and are not retained when closing and reopening QueryOmatic. They are not shared with other users accessing QOM.

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