How to Get Updates and Installs of Omatic Software Products in Hosting

Solution ID: 291677
Product: All
Published: 12/01/13
Updated: 05/31/17
Description: This solution describes the process for having an install or an update of Omatic Software products loaded into Blackbaud's Hosting environment.
Environment: Hosted
Version: All


PLEASE NOTE: If you already have Omatic products and are moving to Blackbaud Hosting, many of our products are now default plugins within the hosting environment, so once you move to Hosting your Omatic products will be there ready to use. However, sometimes Hosting versions can run behind on-site versions, so please contact our Support team at to check on those versions.

If you are a new client, your Implementation Coordinator will provide you with specific information regarding the installation of your new Omatic software into Hosting. Please read on for a general overview of how the process works.

For updates, Omatic works with Blackbaud Hosting to get our products updated in a timely manner. These updates do tend to run a few weeks behind our on-site releases. There is nothing you need to do in order to be updated. 
Please see this post for more information regarding the timing of major updates to Hosted clients.

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