How to Import a Non-Constituent as a Participant to an Event

Solution ID: 291339
Product: ImportOmatic
Published: 12/01/13
Description: This solution describes how to import non-constituent participants to an event in The Raiser's Edge
Environment: All
Version: All


For information on importing participants to an event, see this solution.

To import a participant as a non-constituent, you will first map the Participant’s name using Record Type = Constituent Field and Value Types = First Name and Last Name. If you have any address or phone/email data to import these will be mapped to Record Types = Constituent Address and Constituent Phone – Number/Constituent Email – Address.

Then, include a column in your data file populated with a value of No. Alternately, you can add a virtual column in Virtual Fields with No in the Field Name and use the Static Field function. For more information on how to use virtual fields, please see this solution.

Map this column to Record Type = Participant and Value Type= Participant is a Constituent.

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.


  1. All exception file data is in one column
  2. Profiles Missing from Configuration After Updating to IOM Version 3.2
  3. Advanced Address Processing Form Shows 100 Point Match But Will Not Automatically Match On The Imported Address
  4. Fund, Campaign, Appeal, or Package Does Not Populate In RE Gift Batch
  5. Error: An Exception Occurred in the Duplicate Search: Error 5.2: The EXECUTE Permission was Denied
  6. Error: Required Field Missing: Organization Name
  7. Error: Required Field Missing: Last Name
  8. How to Import Assigned Solicitors
  9. How to Import Split Gifts
  10. Error: General ODBC Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The INSERT Statement Conflicted With the FOREIGN KEY Constraint "FK_TABLEENTRIES_1".
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  12. Error: An exception occurred in the Duplicate Search: Error 5.2: Timeout expired.
  13. Error: Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object When Creating A New Profile
  14. How to Import a Business Relationship as Primary and Mark the Address as Preferred
  15. Unable to Load Profile: The file specified does not exist
  16. Error: An Exception Occurred in the Duplicate Search: Error 5.2: Conversion from Type 'DBNull' to Type 'Integer' is not Valid
  17. Error: Duplicate Phone Types are not Allowed
  18. There are Two City Entries in Value Types
  19. Error: Unable to Save Profile: Relationship Information Provided but More Fields are Required for Matching
  20. Error: Unable to Save Profile: The Batch "Template" Does Not Exist or Was Deleted
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  28. How to Import Volunteer Awards
  29. How to Import Volunteer Jobs
  30. How to Set the Query Category for Output Queries
  31. Error: Action Contact Import/Constituent ID is not Valid: x
  32. Error: Type Mismatch --> BBREAPI.CGiftClass
  33. Error: Invalid Institution ID: Institution ID
  34. Error: Invalid Transit/Routing Number: Transit/Routing no.
  35. Error: ERROR [HY000] [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver]General error Unable to open registry key 'Temporary (volatile) Jet DSN for process 0xf3c Thread 0xf48 DBC 0x1cfbd024 Excel'.
  36. Error: ERROR [42000] [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] Syntax error in FROM clause
  37. How to Use the MasterID Excel File
  38. Error: Only a Sponsor Can Sponsor a Registrant
  39. Error: Required Field Missing: Date [Object: 'CNotepad'...]
  40. Error: Date to Cannot be Before Date From. [Object: 'CConstitAddress'...]
  41. How to Import Organization Relationships
  42. How to Import Individual Relationships
  43. The Advanced Address Processing Screen or AAP is Popping Up for Every Record With or Without a Zip +4, Including 100 - Point Match Addresses
  44. Aliases are Automatically Adding to Record without Being Mapped
  45. Records Are Not Showing Up or Appearing in the Output Query
  46. How to Import Gift Amendments
  47. How to Link an Existing Gift to a Membership
  48. How to Link an Existing Gift to an Event
  49. How to Link an Existing Gift to a Proposal
  50. New Address is Overwriting Previous Address Instead of Making it an Alternate Address
  51. Error: Unable to Save Profile: You Must Have a Gift ID Column in Order to Process Split Gifts
  52. Error: School ID is Required
  53. Shared .dll deployment
  54. Error Calling Omatic Service: Subscription Expired or Limit Reached
  55. Error: Proposal not Found on Record
  56. How to Link a Proposal to an Action
  57. Error: Required Field Missing: Status [Object: 'CMembershipCard'...]
  58. Error: Object Reference Not Set to an Instance of an Object
  59. Error: Error saving batch on data row # 1. Error = 'General ODBC Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The conversion of the varchar value '-2147219858' overflowed an INT2 column. Use a larger integer column.
  60. Error: Invalid Attribute Type
  61. How to Match or Auto-Pick on Alias
  62. Error: Line 1: Number of Fields in This Data Row (XX) Does Not Match Number of Fields in the Profile (YY)
  63. How Does ImportOmatic Match to and Update Existing Education Relationships
  64. How to Copy the Constituent Address to a New Relationship Record
  65. Error: Unable to Save Profile: You Must Select at Least One Duplicate Search Auto Pick Option
  66. What is the Duplicate Similarity Score
  67. What is the Omatic Data and Address Service
  68. What are Special or Escaped Characters and How to Use Them to Import Notepad Data
  69. Error: Bank 'xx' Did Not Exist on the Constituent Record. Configuration Settings Do Not Allow for it to be Created
  70. How to Import a Gift Batch Number
  71. Error: Bank 'xx' with Branch Name 'yy' Does Not Exist and Profile Settings Do Not Allow for New Banks to be Created
  72. Error: Job Does Not Exist. 'xx'
  73. Error: Required Field Missing: Job
  74. Error: Unable to Save Profile: Gift Batch Number Can Only Be Mapped When Gifts are Not Being Imported into Batch
  75. Error: Invalid Code Table Entry: Description [Object: 'School ID'...]
  76. Error: Invalid Code Table Entry: Description [Object: 'CAttribute'...]
  77. How to Import a Solicitor to Actions
  78. What are the System Requirements for ImportOmatic?
  79. Error: Required Field Missing: Type [Object: 'CAction'...]
  80. Importing Participants as Non-Constituents and Matching on Full Constituents
  81. What is Included in the Summary Email From IOM When Import is Complete?
  82. How to Import Fund Relationships
  83. How Phone Numbers and Email Addresses Import
  84. How to Import to the Marketing Source Code Field of a Gift Record
  85. How to Import to the Bills and Coins Fields of the Gift Record When Using a Type of Cash
  86. How to Import Individual Constituent Names That Are Not Parsed
  87. Unable to Update Contact Type Field On an Individual Relationship to an Organization Record
  88. Unable to Update Import ID Appearing in the Bio Comparison Window
  89. What Are the Minimum RE Security Rights Required to Import via ImportOmatic
  90. Can A Volunteer Job Assignment Be Updated
  91. How to Import to the General Area of the Volunteer Tab
  92. How to Stop the Post Date from Defaulting to the Import Date
  93. Error: Required Field Missing: Type [Object: 'CNotepad'...]
  94. How to Mark an Education Relationship as Primary When an Education Relationship Already Exists on the Record
  95. Should I Delete A Gift Entered Previously to the Wrong Constituent Record Before Importing the Same Gift to the Correct Constituent Record
  96. How to Export a Dictionary
  97. What is the Naming Convention for the Files that ImportOmatic Can Output?
  98. How Do I Stop an Import Before it Finishes? Can I Re-start it Later?
  99. Addressee and Saluation Information in Virtual Fields
  100. Error: Unable to Save Profile: You Must Setup Email Settings in Order to Send a Summary Email
  101. How to Update the Birth Date Field For Existing Records
  102. How to Disable the Default Authorization Code in a Batch Created Via IOM
  103. How Do I Request New Functionality in IOM?
  104. How to Create a New Profile in ImportOmatic
  105. How to Delete a Profile
  106. How to Copy a Profile
  107. Regular Expressions (RegEx) in Dictionaries: How can I learn more?
  108. Do I Need a Constituent Identifier if I Have the Import ID of the Address/Action/Education Relationship That I Wish to Update?
  109. Proposal Matching
  110. Error: Invalid Program/Category Combination Specified
  111. Error: Required Field Missing: Campaign ID
  112. Error: Required Field Missing: Fund ID
  113. Error: Required Field Missing: Appeal ID
  114. Error: Data too long for field Max length = 60 for Org Name
  115. Can ImportOmatic Update Gifts?
  116. Error: No Record Could Be Found for the Specified ID: 'xx'
  117. Error: Unable to Save Profile: You Must Have At Least One Criteria Selected
  118. How to Import Gift Adjustments
  119. Error: Phone Type Exists on Record and Option to Add New Phone Types is Disabled
  120. How to Add a Constituent Code to New Records Only
  121. Does ImportOmatic Allow Record Updating
  122. How to Link Gifts to an Event as Registration Fees
  123. How to Map Gift of Membership Renewal Notice Send To Information and Special Message
  124. How to Add Country Table Values
  125. How to Automatically Add Packages to Appeals When Importing Gifts to Batch
  126. How to Get a Second ImportOmatic License Key for an Additional Production Database
  127. How to Check Boxes on a Constituent Record
  128. How to Match on Non-Constituent Participants Using the Duplicate Matching Screen
  129. How to Match to a Specific Existing Bank when Importing Bank Information on Gift Imports
  130. How to Remove Leading Zeros from Constituent IDs
  131. How to Map an Address/Phone Import ID
  132. How to Install ImportOmatic / IOM
  133. How to Locate the Latest Version of ImportOmatic
  134. Attribute with a Data Type of Constituent Name is not Importing Attribute Values
  135. Error: Line 1: Data Too Long for Field Max Length = 50 for Comments
  136. How to Add Address Attributes
  137. Error: Invalid Code Table Entry: GL Post Status
  138. How to Use a Batch Template for Gift Importing
  139. How to Make IOM Use the Default Batch Settings when Creating a Gift Batch
  140. Error: 'Univer' Already Exists. Please Use a Unique Short Description.
  141. Unable to Locate Gifts After Importing
  142. Error: Required Field Missing: Event ID
  143. How Do I Bring in New Birth Date Information Without Overwriting the Existing Information Before Previewing
  144. Why are Some of the Tabs Such as Gifts and Relationships Missing When I Open a Record From the Duplicate Search Matching Screen?
  145. Why are Other RE7 Workstations Locked Out When I Import Using Validation Mode?
  146. How to Import an Education Relationship Note
  147. How to Map Gift Benefits
  148. Attribute Description is not Importing to the Record
  149. How to Use Virtual Fields
  150. Error: Required Field Missing: Primary Salutation
  151. Error: Required Field Missing: Primary Addressee
  152. Error: Required Field Missing: Unit [Object: 'CParticipantFee'...]
  153. How to Import Registration Fees
  154. How to Import Participant Guests to an Event
  155. How to Import a Non-Constituent as a Participant to an Event
  156. How to Import Participants to an Event
  157. Error: Index was Outside the Bounds of the Array [CImport_Process_xx.x]
  158. What Do the Buttons on the Duplicate Search Matching Results Screen Mean?
  159. What Do the Buttons on the Advanced Address Processing Screen Mean?
  160. How to Edit or Delete a Value in a Dictionary
  161. How to Import Appeals
  162. Can ImportOmatic Alert About the Overpayment of a Pledge or Recurring Gift
  163. Unable to Import a Gift Type of "Pay-Cash" when Importing Pledge Payments
  164. How to Allow RE to Assign Constituent IDs Instead of Self Assignment through ImportOmatic
  165. Which Unique Identifiers Can be Used to Locate Existing Constituent Records through ImportOmatic
  166. How to Include the Current Date on a Column in the Field Map of a Profile
  167. How to Include the Current Date in a Virtual Field
  168. Why Does My Import File Keep Disappearing After Importing
  169. How to Map a Soft Credit when Importing Gifts
  170. Error: ERROR [07002] [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] Too few parameters.
  171. How to Update or Unmark the Deceased Flag on Constituent Records
  172. How to Map a Solicitor to a Gift Record
  173. Solicitor Processing Rules are not Adding the Solicitor on a Gift Record
  174. How to Remove Constituent Attributes Using ImportOmatic
  175. State Abbreviations for Dictionaries
  176. How to Mark Phone Numbers or Email Addresses as Do Not Contact
  177. How to Export Data in .CSV Format From Blackbaud Sphere
  178. What is the "Base File" in the ImportOmatic Profile and Can it be Changed?
  179. How to Apply Default Sets to ImportOmatic Imports
  180. Unable to Import to a Spouse Record Using the Spouse Import ID
  181. How to Identify Which User Last Ran an IOM Profile
  182. How to Identify Which User Created or Last Updated an IOM Profile
  183. Unable to Update Existing Constituent Records with a Default Set
  184. How to Prevent Other Users from Changing Mapping in Profiles
  185. How to Import to the Major/Minor Comments field of an Education/School Record
  186. How to Link Gifts to an Event as Other Donations
  187. How to Map Notepads
  188. .NET Framework Error: Unhandled Exception: Object Reference not Set to an Instance of an Object
  189. Error: Line 16: Number of Fields in This Data Row (XX) Does Not Match Number of Fields Profile (YY).
  190. Error: Unhandled Exception: The Specified Path, File Name, or Both are Too Long.
  191. Error: Unhandled Exception: The Parameter 'Address' Cannot be an Empty String
  192. How to Import Pledge Payments
  193. How to Import Pledges
  194. Error: General ODBC Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_ConstituentATTRIBUTES_3". The conflict occurred in database "RE7", table "dbo.AttributeTypes", column 'ATTRIBUTETYPESID'.
  195. Unable to Access Plug-ins
  196. Error: Required Field Missing: Constituent Code
  197. How to Change the Default Error and Exception File Path
  198. How to Use the Solicit/Constituent Code Removal Character
  199. How to Map Attributes
  200. What are Address Processing Rule Options?
  201. How To Import Multiple Address Records
  202. How to Import an XML orJSON Profile
  203. How To Create a Dictionary
  204. What Are Some Commonly Used Regular Expressions?
  205. How To Add or Remove a Column Within an Existing Profile
  206. How to Create a Default Set within RE
  207. How To Automatically Add Table Values To Existing Tables During Import Processing
  208. How To Delete A Value From A Dictionary
  209. How To Turn On/Off Side By Side Comparison Utility For Bio Field Change Viewing
  210. How to Import Multiple Constituent Codes
  211. How to Always Add a New Address
  212. How to Promote a Non-Constituent Relationship to a Full Constituent
  213. Error: Object Reference not Set to an Instance of an Object
  214. Import Processing Appears to Freeze
  215. How to Export a Profile
  216. How Do I Find Training Videos for ImportOmatic?
  217. Error: DBTextStream Errors Occurs When Trying to Open or Run Profiles
  218. Where Do I Find the User Guide for ImportOmatic?
  219. List of Profiles is Out of Order
  220. How to share and link addresses from existing constituents to newly added constituents.
  221. Update existing address without overwriting any associated data
  222. Invalid date exception when importing with DonorDrive Connector
  223. How to Import an Organization Relationship and Update the Address on the Relationship Only
  224. How to Skip Rows that Contain Certain Values
  225. What does the PC column do in the IOM field map
  226. How to Proper Case incoming data
  227. How to Map an Alias
  228. What Fields Are Required to Create a Gift
  229. How to Import a Gift
  230. What is the "Test Code" button
  231. How to create an output query of an import
  232. Error: Failed to Create a Connection to the Database. Custom Database Connection Settings will be Required.
  233. Error: Unable to Save Profile: You Must Select the Duplicate Phone Type Attribute.
  234. How to Stop Renaming Processed Data Files
  235. Fields Missing When Importing Gifts to RE Batch Using a Batch Template
  236. Error: Required Field Missing: Author [Object: 'CNotepad'...]
  237. How to check or uncheck a checkbox
  238. How to Import Recurring Gifts
  239. How to Import the Same Address as an Alternate with a Different Type Without Overwriting the Existing Address
  240. How to Download a .msi File for Installation of ImportOmatic
  241. How to Get a Silent Switch for Installation of ImportOmatic
  242. Notification: This Version of ImportOmatic is Out of Date. The Most Recent Version is xx
  243. Error: A Duplicate Phone Number and Phone Type Exists
  244. Error: Field is Read Only: Currency Country
  245. Error: Unable to Set the Value Stored for Default - Email Type. The Value May Have Been Removed from or Made Inactive in RE.
  246. Error: Unable to Set the Value Stored for Default - Phone Type. The Value May Have Been Removed from or Made Inactive in RE.
  247. Error: Unable to Set the Value Stored for Default - Organization Address Type. The Value May Have Been Removed from or Made Inactive in RE.
  248. Error: Unable to Set the Value Stored for Default - Individual Address Type. The Value May Have Been Removed from or Made Inactive in RE.
  249. How to Import Attributes With the Same Category Multiple Times Without Overwriting the Existing Attribute
  250. How to Get a .MSI File for Installation and the Availability of a Silent Switch
  251. How to Filter on List Management Profiles Within the IOM Configuration List View
  252. How to Filter on Regular IOM Profiles Within the IOM Configuration List View
  253. How to Locate Exception Files Output from Imports
  254. How to Uninstall IOM / ImportOmatic
  255. How to Turn On the Diagnostic Performance Log in an IOM Profile
  256. How to Update the Relationship of a Relationship in the Same Import Pass
  257. How to Import Default Benefits for Participants or Guests
  258. How to Import Blank Values for Phone Numbers or Email Addresses
  259. How to Add Multiple Constituent and Address Attributes
  260. Error: The specified fund could not be found. The fund has either been deleted or you do not have rights to view it.
  261. How to Bypass or End the Duplicate Dictionary Value Error when Pasting Values into a Dictionary
  262. How to Copy a Dictionary
  263. How to Delete A Dictionary
  264. How to Import Memberships and Bypass the Interactive Membership Form
  265. How to Prevent New Phones/Emails from being Added as Primary in RE 7.95
  266. Error: Source row 1 produced Excel error row 2: (error message)
  267. Error: Overflow -->BBREAPI.CGiftClass.Save
  268. Error: Control Failed to Load. Please check the GUID of the control against the tag attribute in the HTML Page
  269. How to Mark a Constituent Code as Primary
  270. Error: Profile Save Error: An Exception Occurred While Saving This Profile: "CommandConverter" is Unable to Convert 'Omatic.MVVM.Commands.RelayCommand' to 'System.String'.'.

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