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  1. Cross-Product 

    1. Error 1722. There is a Problem with this Windows Installer Package. A Program Run as Part of the Setup did not Finish as Expected.
    2. The Omatic Similarity Score Algorithm
    3. There was no endpoint listening at
    4. Error: Establishing a Connection to SQL Server
    5. How to Setup an Alternative Database Connection
  2. ImportOmatic Connectors 

    1. Unexpected exception raised and ignored: Could not load file or assembly
    2. Line 0: An active synchronization session already exists for Partition All Constituents
    3. Error: Number of Fields in this Data Row (x) does not Match Number of Fields in Profile (x).
  3. ActionOmatic 

    1. Where to Find the User Guide
    2. How to Apply a Proposal to an Action
    3. How to Add a New Proposal
    4. How to search for specific constituents in AOM query results
    5. How to Set Reminders
  4. API for ImportOmatic 

    1. Launch Code Editor Button is Grayed Out - Database is Hosted by Blackbaud
    2. API Assistance
    3. Error: Unhandled Exception: Object of Type 'ImportOM.CGlobalAPI' Cannot be Converted to Type 'ImportOM.API.iImportSession'
    4. Changes to the Launch Code Editor Screen are Not Saved
    5. Where Can I Locate the ImportOmatic API User Guide
  5. AppOmatic 

    1. How to install the Plugin Version of an AppOmatic app
    2. Where is the AppOmatic help guide located?
    3. Demonstration Video of AppOmatic
    4. How to Download AppOmatic
    5. Is AppOmatic Downloaded to the Server or the Workstation
  6. DataDriven 

    1. How to Install DataDriven
    2. Where to Find the User Guide
    3. How to Use A Custom Logo on Reports
    4. How to Change the Color Scheme
    5. Unable to Display Percentages on Pie Charts
  7. EventOmatic 

    1. How to Create a "Send-to" Email Profile
    2. Error: The Specified Donor is Not a Constituent
    3. How to Modify a Custom Column Template
    4. How to Apply a Custom Column Template to an Event
    5. How to Create a New Column Template
  8. FindOmatic 

    1. Error: "RE7.exe Has Stopped Working" When Searching
    2. Error: Assertion Failed: Unable to Load Custom dll:cBBMTDll
    3. Error: Your RE User Account is Not Authorized for FindOmatic. Contact Your Supervisor for Permission.
    4. What Happens After FindOmatic Finds a Match in Batch
    5. How to Use FindOmatic with the Barcode Field in Batch
  9. General FAQ 

    1. What are the System Requirements for Omatic products?
    2. W-9 form (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) completed by Omatic Software
    3. How to Create a Support Case Online
  10. Hosting FAQ 

    1. Launch Code Editor Button is Grayed Out
    2. Importing a Large File and the Import Seems Frozen
    3. Using Filezilla for Hosted File Transfer
    4. I am Hosted by Blackbaud and Cannot Find the Error and Exception File
    5. Does Magic Folder Work in Hosting
  11. ImportOmatic 

    1. All exception file data is in one column
    2. Profiles Missing from Configuration After Updating to IOM Version 3.2
    3. Advanced Address Processing Form Shows 100 Point Match But Will Not Automatically Match On The Imported Address
    4. Fund, Campaign, Appeal, or Package Does Not Populate In RE Gift Batch
    5. Error: An Exception Occurred in the Duplicate Search: Error 5.2: The EXECUTE Permission was Denied
  12. IOM UK version 

    1. Error: School ID is Required
    2. How to Import Education Relationships
    3. Error: Bank 'xx' with Branch Name 'yy' Does Not Exist and Profile Settings Do Not Allow for New Banks to be Created
    4. How to Import Canvassers to Actions
    5. Can IOM automatically close open Declarations when importing in new ones?
  13. List Management Module for ImportOmatic 

    1. Error: The Specified Donor is Not a Constituent
    2. How to Search for List Members Across Multiple Lists
    3. How to Merge Two Lists Together
    4. How to Add an Action Track to List Members
    5. How to Apply an Individual Default Set
  14. MailOmatic for Accounting 

    1. How to add Organization name to check stub
    2. You do not have rights to view this check
    3. How to Use the Custom pdf Statement and Invoice Templates
    4. How to Resend EFT or Payroll Notices
    5. Will MailOmatic Mark Invoices as Printed
  15. MailOmatic for Schools 

    1. An Email Address That is Not on the Recipient's Record is Displayed in the Results Grid
    2. Last Sent Date is Not Populated in Results Grid
    3. Error: 5.5.1 Authentication Required
    4. Error: SMTP Server Requires Secure Connection
    5. Text is Not Aligned on Tuition Statement
  16. MergeOmatic 

    1. How to Install MergeOmatic
    2. Where to Find the User Guide
    3. Error: A TwoWay or OneWayToSource Binding Cannot Work on the Read-Only Property "DatabaseCoverageInt'
    4. How to Configure MergeOmatic
    5. How to Search for Possible Duplicates
  17. PosPay 

    1. Which Banks are Included in PosPay
    2. We are Changing Banks, How Do We Change Our PosPay Files?
    3. The File is Generating with Older Higher Check Numbers
    4. How to Create Another File
    5. PosPay File is Being Rejected by the Bank Due to Missing Leading Zeros
  18. PostOmatic 

    1. Why Aren't Some Gifts in the Post Report
    2. How to Delete Existing Gift Subtypes
    3. How to Import GL Fund Distributions
    4. What Happens if the Option to Add Gifts to Exceptions is Deselected in Settings
    5. User Guide Location for PostOmatic
  19. Pre-Implementation FAQ's 

    1. What are the System Requirements for ImportOmatic?
    2. What is the Sample Data File for ImportOmatic Training?
    3. How To Access, View and Add to Your Implementation Case
    4. How to Register a New User on the Omatic Website
    5. How to Reset Your User Account Password on the Omatic Website
  20. QueryOmatic 

    1. Why Isn't a Query I Just Opened Showing Up in the Recently Used List
    2. How to Move Queries
    3. How to Add to or Remove from Favorites
    4. How to Search for a Query
    5. How to Filter Queries By a Specific User
  21. RecordRadar 

    1. What is the Radius Limit for Record Radar
    2. How to Create a Constituent Query with Search Results
    3. How to Search for Records within a Certain Radius
    4. How to Configure Which Records to Include in the Search Results
    5. The Raiser's Edge is Crashing When Trying to Access Plug-ins
  22. Scheduler for ImportOmatic 

    1. What is Included in the Confirmation Email?
    2. I am Unable to Schedule a Task
    3. Importing Records via Command Line
    4. What is the Scheduler module?
    5. Error: Unhandled Exception: System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to Read or Write Protected Memory
  23. ScoreOmatic 

    1. How to Install ScoreOmatic
    2. Where to Find the User Guide
    3. How to Use SQL Queries in Scoring
    4. How to Configure a ScoreOmatic Profile
    5. How to Calculate a Score on a Query of Constituents
  24. SegmentOmatic 

    1. How to Use SQL Queries in Segmentations
    2. How to Create an Email Profile
    3. Error: An Error Occurred Opening the Report: 'Failed to Load Expression Host Assembly. Details: Object Reference Not Set to an Instance of an Object'.
    4. Error: Error Running Macro 'AppealReport'. Automation Error
    5. Error: Assertion Failed: Unable to Load Custom dll:cBBMTDll
  25. SplitOmatic 

    1. I Have a Large Import File. Is There Any Way to Easily Break It Up?
    2. SplitOmatic Software Download and Instructions
  26. TableOmatic 

    1. How Do I Find a User Guide for TableOmatic
    2. How To Import Table Values Into RE via TableOmatic
  27. All articles 

    1. What is the Radius Limit for Record Radar
    2. How to Create a "Send-to" Email Profile
    3. Error: "RE7.exe Has Stopped Working" When Searching
    4. How Do I Find a User Guide for TableOmatic
    5. Error: The Specified Donor is Not a Constituent

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